Residential & Commercial Screen Products
Residential Garage Door Screens
The Lifestyle Screen system is a patented, fully spring loaded garage door screen that works with your existing garage door. Available with a center retractable passage door or without, three different frame color choices and three different screen options. The Lifestyle Screens features a Limited Lifetime warranty. Maui Garage Doors is proud to offer this innovative product to our clients. Living in Hawaii, this is a great solution for enjoying your garage area as an additional living space or providing ventilation to pets without allowing the pesky mosquitos or other outside animals/bugs entry

Commerical Warehouse Door Screens
Finally, an affordable solution to ventilating warehouse doors. The innovative Rollaround Screen system is the latest development in screening technology for warehouse door applications. As the name suggests, the Rollaround Screen is a mobile screening device designed to be an affordable solution to ventilating and illuminating warehouse door openings. The Rollaround is built to with-stand the rigors of a warehouse environment and features lockable, collapsable cantilever outriggers for minimizing the footprint when it is being used. The Rollaround is custom made to fit openings up to 12' wide

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